Well it’s pretty obvious that we want you on our team, because let’s face it, you’re awesome! The real question is why should YOU want to work with us?

Imagine coming to work each day and seeing how your efforts are enabling us to become North America’s #1 patient care service provider.

Imagine spending each and every day surrounded by like-minded individuals who embrace the same shared values and work together to achieve a common goal.

This is EasyMarkit. Where our people come first and sharing your voice is not only encouraged, but expected. Building a software that’s unique means building a workforce that mirrors that approach. Whether you’re a new grad, a seasoned professional, or looking for a career change, we have a spot for you on our team.

  • Stocked Kitchen

  • Office Games

  • Health & Dental

  • Monthly Transit Pass

  • Flexible Work Schedule

  • Opportunity for Growth

  • Andrew Lacelle

    Sales Development Representative

    “ I've had jobs where I dread coming into work and spend my time looking at the clock waiting for my shift to be over, but with EasyMarkit, I actually look forward to coming to work. ”

  • Angela Welch

    Sales Promotions Coordinator

    “ Everyday at EasyMarkit brings a new challenge to conquer! I love being excited to go to work in the morning and see what's in store. ”

  • Aaron Baraquiel

    Sales Development Representative Team Lead

    “ I enjoy the fact that the people I work with all understand why we're here, to work, BUT we're also ready to kick back and have a beer with each other too. ”

Our Leaders

Meet the founders of EasyMarkit!

  • Nathan DeVries

    Director of Customer Success

  • Joshua DeVries

    Director of Sales

  • Owen Ingraham

    Director of Development

  • Ryan Hogenes

    Director of Operations