Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Quick Facts About This Position

  • $40,000 Base + Bonuses paid out weekly for hitting quota + sales commissions (OTE Yr 1 is $48,000 to $52,000; OTE Yr 2 is $53,000 - $60,000)
  • 80% of our SDR team hits quota for bonuses
  • We're hiring over 100 people this year. This means significant room to advancement for A players looking to professionally develop, work hard, and become a leader.
  • While experience is a plus, you do not need it to be successful in this position. We spend 6-8 weeks training you to be successful. This includes sales methodology training, product training, role playing, mentoring, coaching, etc.
  • Proof is in the pudding regarding our training and experience!
    • One of our top performers came from a non-profit background with no sales experience prior to starting
    • Another successful SDR wanted to switch professions from accounting to sales
    • We have numerous recent college graduates looking to establish a career. Our program is designed to take anyone with, or without, experience and help them achieve success
  • We have full-time call coaches and mentors that listen to your calls and help improve your craft. We foster a learning environment aimed at helping you grow and succeed.

Who are you?

We are looking for coachable, curious, and talented people to help foster relationships with Dental offices across North America. Our brand vision is to improve patient care. If you have a great attitude, put people first, and strive to learn; you'll likely be a great fit at EasyMarkit.


To foster and develop relationships with Dental offices across North America with the goal of learning their communication process and introducing EasyMarkit as a solution.

Daily Tasks

  • Call Dental offices across North America and establish a relationship with the receptionist, office manager, treatment coordinator, hygiene coordinator, or dentist
  • Utilize our task management system to help email, socially connect, and manually communicate with targeted offices
  • Learn about each Office’s current communication system, and when appropriate, try share potential improvements our service may provide
  • Find Ideal fit customers to attend an online web demonstration, with an Account Executive (AE), specific to the customers office needs
  • Utilize in-between selling methods for Ideal fit customers to ensure attendance and success of information sessions
  • Spend time with coaches and team leaders to help constantly improve your sales craft, learn various methodologies and how they're applied, and continually strive for improvement and professional growth

Metric for Success

  • Provide 6+ demo’s booked per week
  • Achieve a no-show rate less than 15%

About the EasyMarkit Team

We are a fun, collaborative, and hard-working team of innovative minds who genuinely enjoy spending time together. At EasyMarkit, our people come first. We embrace diversity and encourage you to share your voice. We want you to think outside the box, present new ideas, and be willing to fail. Our employees are empowered daily to see how their work helps EasyMarkit achieve its goal of becoming North America’s #1 patient care service provider. Take a peek into our day to day and see our mission, vision, and values in our EasyMarkit Culture Book!