This role will be a part of our Growth team, where you will proactively seek, identify, and evaluate innovative opportunities for user acquisition growth. You will be responsible for every facet of the marketing effort; from idea conception, to design, to implementation, to data analysis. This role is perfect for someone who is ready to get creative and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

  • You will plan, deploy, develop, maintain, monitor, expand, analyze and optimize paid, owned, and earned acquisition campaigns
  • You will lead the design and creation of advertising creatives and any other content related to facilitating growth tests
  • You will improve conversion rates and various acquisition funnels
  • You will explore and test new marketing channels, techniques, platforms, and networks
  • You will use scientific methods to predict, evaluate, and inform future growth tests

Who You Are

You will have mastered the art of growth marketing, knowing when and how to apply various growth tactics, tools, and initiatives situationally. You are ambitious, resilient, analytical, collaborative, and not afraid to try unique approaches.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • 2–4 years experience executing growth marketing initiatives
  • Has a proven track record of success with innovative approaches to acquisition bottlenecks
  • Experience using a variety of tools for recognizing opportunities, implementing initiatives, analyzing efforts, and competitive research

About the EasyMarkit Team

We are a fun, collaborative, and hard-working team of innovative minds who genuinely enjoy spending time together. At EasyMarkit, our people come first. We embrace diversity and encourage you to share your voice. We want you to think outside the box, present new ideas, and be willing to fail. Our employees are empowered daily to see how their work helps EasyMarkit achieve its goal of becoming North America’s #1 patient care service provider. Take a peek into our day to day and see our mission, vision, and values in our EasyMarkit Culture Book!